Personal Sanitisation Gift Pack

Personal Sanitisation Gift Pack | BCH2

Personal Sanitisation Gift Pack contains all that you could need to ensure your personal hygiene and safety throughout the day. This corporate gift pack challenges the hazardous surfaces that we come across everyday and prepares you for the worst. The Soap contains thin layers of soap to be used anywhere there’s running water. The three combination of Hand Sanitisers always ensures your hands are clean even when water is unavailable. Stay safe and stay protected with this thoughtful and personalised gift for the unsure world that we live in today.

Pack includes Soap, Hand Sanitizer with carabiner, 60ml hand sanitizer gel and a screen top hand sanitizers.


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What our clients are saying:

Fantastic – thank you so much. Very prompt and very professional from start to finish. I shall not hesitate to refer your company on to others – our package has just arrived.

Many thanks

Nicola Addison

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