Increasing Awareness in our Society

With this range of Awareness badges, patches, lanyards, wristbands and tattoos – we hope to raise peoples awareness for these great causes via fund raising and charity events. These products encourage awareness for AIDS, Breast Cancer, Childhood Cancer, Cultural Diversity and LGBTI Inclusion, Anti Violence , Child Abuse Prevention and Environmental Awareness fundraising.

On December 1st each year World Aids Day is celebrated across Australia and the world to raise awareness in the community about the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. 

In 1991, the red ribbon was created by the Visual AIDS Artists Caucus, a New York based group of artists and AIDS activist. They wished to create a visual symbol to demonstrate compassion for people living with AIDS and their caregivers. The color red was chosen for its, “connection to blood and the idea of passion”—both anger and love. During the Tony Awards, actor Jeremy Irons, wore the bright red ribbon pinned on his chest. Though the symbolism of the ribbon was not allowed to be discussed on air, the media and public noticed the eye catching ribbon, and its popularity grew overnight. The red ribbon was purposefully not copyrighted in the United States, to allow it to be worn and used widely as a symbol in the fight against AIDS. The year 1992 was declared by The New York Times as “The year of the Ribbon”.

Upon its popularity, fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi once stated “I love the red ribbon. It ruins whatever you’re wearing, it does not work compositionally, it’s the wrong color, it throws your hair off, and who cares, because you have human feelings and you are showing them.” Today the red ribbon is an internationally recognized symbol of AIDS Awareness and a design icon. It has led the way for many other color ribbons and awareness projects.