Promotional Thongs and Flip Flops

Promotional Thongs and Flip Flops or Jandals (as they are referred to by our New Zealand friends across the Tasman) are used as popular promotional giveaways in all sorts of industries. Let your logo be seen at it’s best either printed on the sole of the thongs or with a custom cut out logo on the base of the thongs. The cut out logo which is placed underneath the sole of the thongs is a fabulous idea that will leave your logo embedded in the sand as you walk along the beach. Certainly a novel way to get noticed. Two out of three Brazilians own a pair of Havaianas and Australians are not far behind. The humble thong as we know it, has become a fashion icon and a timeless classic.

Styles of Thongs & Product Materials

We have rubber promotional thongs, EVA thongs (which stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate) or foam rubber, bamboo sandals and beach flip flops – all of which can be custom made and decorated. We have a fantastic thongs and keyring combo – which is perfect for giveaways at resorts, the hospitality industry or for any kind of promotion to increase the awareness of your business or brand. Let your logo get the best advantage to be noticed this summer with a pair of quality rubber thongs.