Elleven Dual Ballpoint Stylus Pen

Elleven Dual Balloint Stylus Pen Bongo

Elleven Dual Ballpoint Stylus Pen | BN007

Elleven Dual Ballpoint Stylus Pen is an innovative Elleven design. The high-gloss brass body with the rubberized stylus end and retractable twist action mechanism is sensational. This model takes a standard Parker ballpoint refill. Count on it.

  • size * 145.5 x 10mm
  • decoration * pad or laser engraving on cap

Elleven. Ask it to hold everything but the kitchen sink, and it says, no problem. Ask it to keep everything sorted and secure, and it says, I’m on it. Ask it to keep everthing handy, and it says, here you go. Ask it to make you look like a rock star while carrying it around, and it says, all too easy. You can count the ways that elleven responds to your needs. Make it yours.

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What our clients are saying:

Hi Bongo – just letting you know that we have received our shirts and I wanted to give you our feedback.  Everyone loves them. Thank you so much in helping us complete our work shirts.  It was a really hard design and we really appreciate all the hard work you put into making it perfect. The artist of the design was very happy with the outcome. Well done to your team.  Thanks again.

Jasmine P.

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