Highwaves Drinkwear

The Highwaves Story. The ocean is life and waves are a moving dynamic that inspire creativity for the name of Highwave founded in 1983. From the beginning in stoneware we knew the best way to help is to consider the best tools for travel that can last a lifetime. Nature is complete in every way and perfectly designed and we borrow ideas from its perfection whenever possible without guilt. It can be “complex to get to simple” in the design process. Our products and developments are original and authentic in a world that has become chaotic with copies of original designs. We explore and develop many ideas, just a few new designs every year are introduced that are important or even just fun. We have over 40 patents and lots of historic firsts in the coffee world, a part of the coffee revolution. Many of the design aspects we now see everywhere started with a Highwave design including the first travel mug with a drink through top, hinged closures on a drink top, first stainless double wall design, first vacuum double wall. First 100% leak tight design, first 360 degree drink top, still the only drink press with full shutoff with full infusion (our brewfish) and now the only travel mug for a dog and the original and patented design to aerate and preserve wine (float2). The first vacuum hydration bottle for water and wine Time Capsule. We only offer unique designs that have proven themselves over time and remain in our line or others that are new and still undiscovered. Some designs we have been selling for three decades and some of those still undiscovered ( will chill ) . We continue the spirit of innovation to help promote enjoyment and viable tools for you with surprising and better or the best tools you need for your life’s highway.