Swiss Peak

Whenever you are hiking or travelling, whether it is in case of a leisure or business trip, you will enjoy it much more with Swiss Peak equipment! This multifunctional Swiss Peak collection is a must have for the modern day traveller. A collection with the best quality tools and accessories for your outdoor adventure as well as a luxury travel gear line when you go on a short break or trip. Spacious trolleys and backpacks to travel well organized and protect your goods in the best possible way. A tools and accessories range which provides you that extra convenience during your trip.


In life, a journey is never a simple straight line and each step brings on new challenges. Swiss Peak understands that everyone requires different products that will fit their particular life styles and meet their specific needs. At Swiss Peak, we help to keep you prepared for whatever journey you might take. No matter where your day will take you from a spontaneous flight to the mountain to a scheduled business trip we are here to help.


Since Swiss Peak’s introduction of the first line of travel set in 1992, performance, organization and modern design has been our core value. By creating superior products for discerning customers, Swiss Peak has become a recognized brand of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories. Our success can be traced to our continual focus on principles of design excellence, functional superiority and technical innovation. Like the spirit of the Swiss mountain where we take our initial inspiration, our products are here to be a part of your stories and to guide you on your adventure.


We believe that design is one of the most effective ways to differentiate oneself. Design is not about function. Using design, we are able to take products and take them to a higher level, both in an emotional and functional sense.


Elegant solutions originate from well-understood problems and clearly defined objectives. Our designers are passionate about creating original solutions and developing compelling products. To do this, we track trends across a broad range of industries and areas of influence. By having an insightful understanding of our market, Swiss Peak are able to establish strategies from which our solutions emerge.


From the mountain side of the USA to the metropolis city of Shanghai to the historic charms of Europe, Swiss Peak is everywhere to be able to serve you better.