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Mugs - express

Mugs - express. Our express service mugs are quick and easy to order. Also check out our full selection of promotional mugs which include a large range of stainless steel mugs, ceramic mugs, double walled glass mugs and plastic mugs. Decoration is available single or full colour printing on ceramic or plastic mugs and laser engraving or printing on stainless steel mugs. Check out our full range of mugs here.

Printed Promotional Mugs

As a ubiquitous desktop item, the mug is often used as an object of art or advertisement; some mugs are rather decorations than drinking vessels. Carving had been traditionally applied to mugs in the ancient times. Deforming a mug into an unusual shape is sometimes used. However, the most popular decoration technique nowadays is printing on mugs, which is usually performed as follows: Ceramic powder is mixed with dyes of chosen color and a plasticizer. Then it is printed on a gelatin-coated paper using a traditional screen-printing technique, which applies the mixture through a fine woven mesh, which is stretched on a frame and has a mask of desired shape. This technique produces a thin homogeneous coating; however, if smoothness is not required, the ceramic mixture is painted directly with a brush. Another, more complex alternative is to coat the paper with a photographic emulsion, photoprint the image and then cure the emulsion with ultraviolet light.

After drying, the printed paper, called a litho, can be stored indefinitely. When a litho is applied to the mug, it is first softened in warm water. This detaches the gelatin cover, with the printed image, from the paper; this cover is then transferred to the mug. The mug is then fired around 700–750°C, which softens the top surface of the glaze, thereby embedding the image into it.