Magnets for Promotion

Unlike most conventional magnets that have distinct north and south poles, flat refrigerator magnets are often magnetised during manufacture with alternating north and south poles on the refrigerator side. This can be felt by taking two similar (or identical) refrigerator magnets and sliding them against each other with the “magnetic” sides facing each other: the magnets will alternately repel and attract as they are moved a few millimeters. This construction gives twice the magnetism on one side and is thus more effective at keeping the magnet uniformly attracted to the steel refrigerator than a uniformly-polarized magnet would be. This permits all types and sizes of promotional magnets to be on metal surfaces. Fridge magnets are one of the proven ways to advertise your business and it’s services. Popular usage of  fridge magnet advertising is used by all sorts of companies and businesses and in particular by plumbers, dentists, doctors and anyone type of company that wants to advertise it’s services in an economical way.  See Bongo’s full range of magnetic products here.