Corporate Watches – Product Design & Selection

Based on your brief we can assist in the selection of suitable watch styles, qualities and colours to maximise results for clients. We take into account the environment that the watch will be used, quantities required, function, budgets, user demographics and compatibility with your clients logo and branding.

Based on your branding requirements we assist in watch model selection, dial choice and position, method of branding and packaging. We supply very accurate layouts showing design concepts through to final selected designs in clear jpg files. We can also supply generic layout files for your in-house design team if this is more suitable.

Custom Watches

We know there are times when you need a new and totally unique watch manufactured just for your requirements. We have been manufacturing and designing watches for over 18 years for Corporate Australia, Retail brands and Government. Custom design does not need to cost you more providing you can meet the production run minimums of between 300 to 500 pieces. We can manufacture in solid stainless steel, plated brass or plated alloy case. Dials can be made from 100 pieces totally to your design. So talk to us today and ask to take advantage of our free design skills.

It’s that easy!