Kookaburra Plush Toy

kookaburra plush toy

Kookaburra Plush Toy | B82612 | 14cm in size

Kookaburra Plush Toy stands 14cm in size and is made from quality, plush fabric. We can help you on plush and logo design from the start, even if your idea only exists in your mind!

Kookaburras are carnivorous. Kookaburras are known to eat the young of other birds, mice, snakes, insects and small reptiles.They have also been known to take goldfish from garden ponds. In zoos they are usually fed food for birds of prey.

The most social birds will accept handouts from humans and will take meat from barbecues. It is generally not advised to feed kookaburras meat regularly as it does not include calcium and other nutrients essential to the bird. Remainders of mince on the bird’s beak can fester and cause problems.[citation needed] They are territorial and they often sing as a chorus to mark their territory.

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What our clients are saying:

Thank you so much for our air fresheners – they look really great. The boys have been dropping them into all the car yards and they love them! Thanks again for all your help and making it such a painless process. You guys have been terrific for a novice in the advertising world 🙂



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