Full Colour Printed Stubby Coolers


Full Colour Printed Stubby Coolers | B108492world-sourcing-bongofull-colour-printing

Full Colour Printed Stubby Coolers are flat pack coolers. Decorated with full color branding on both sides at no extra cost. Manufactured from neoprene which has excellent insulation properties.
Colours | Can be produced in any colour.
Dimensions | H 135mm x W 100mm x 7mm.

Fast Shipping | Satisfaction Guaranteed | 100% Premium Quality

What our clients are saying:

Judy, thank you once again for the stunning awards for our AWEI luncheon, we have received so many comments, and on the coasters! They’re a big hit. Your generosity in supporting us enables us to make this an event to remember for so many people. Thanks again.

Pride in Diversity

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