Fabulous Folding Advertising Fans

Fabulous Folding Advertising Fans are a popular choice for branding and special event giveaways.

Folding hand fans have been around for centuries and have been used for both practical and decorative purposes. In recent years, they have also become popular items for advertising. And what better way to grab attention than with colourful, eye-catching designs?

Colourful folding hand fans are a unique and low-cost way to promote your brand or message. They are portable, easy to distribute, and can be customized to fit any design or message. Whether you are promoting your business, an event, or a cause, colourful folding hand fans can help you get your message out to a wide audience.

One of the great things about colourful folding hand fans is the variety of designs available. From bold and bright to subtle and understated, there is a design to suit every taste and style. You can choose from a range of colours, patterns, and materials, including paper, fabric, and bamboo. You can also add your own logo, text, or image to make your folding hand fans truly unique.

Another advantage of colourful folding hand fans is their versatility. They can be used for a variety of purposes.

Bongo custom makes a number of different styles of fans in this category.  Plastic handle paper fans or bamboo handle paper fans are economical and available with full color printing.  Fabric printed fans are also available.