Customised Car Air Fresheners


Check out our custom made promotional air fresheners.

Our customised car air fresheners are  Air Fresheners that are made from absorbent cotton paper. Showcase your brand with these attractive advertising incentives. Air Fresheners are a great way to let your customers advertise your company details or product. The standard size is 80mm x 80mm and your design can be cut to shape within that area.  We can also custom make to any size with full colour printing on both sides.  The hanging accessory can be a white or black string or a plastic hook.  Custom printed packaging is available with full colour printing.

  • minimum order is 500 units
  • 45 fragrances to choose from
  • production timing on this product is around 3-4 weeks

Air fresheners are consumer products used in homes and cars emitting fragrances. Air freshening is not only limited to modern day sprays, air freshening also can involve the use of organic and everyday house hold items. Although air freshener is primarily used for odor elimination some people simply use air freshener for the pleasant odors they emit.

Fragrances available are:  banana, green apple, pineapple, christmas tree, jasmine, tulip, cooler water, ocean, honey, blueberry, honey peach, starfruit, chrysanthemum, pine, violet, forest, bubblegum, milk, cherry, lemon, strawberry, cinnamon, mint, Chanel fragrance, forest berry, coffee, milk tea, citrus, mango, watermelon, lavender, rose, Chanel No. 5, nature, ginger, red wine, coconut, papaya, carnation, lily , sunflower, cologne fragrance, new car fragrance, green tea and sweet down.  If the fragrance you require is not in this list, please contact us.