Aboriginal Indigenous Clothing


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Aboriginal Indigenous clothing convey strong messages with meaningful aboriginal indigenous designs.  We have a large range of indigenous designs and we can custom make your own unique design as well.  Just let us know your ideas and thoughts and we can put the design together for you.

Our polo shirt designs feature Kangaroos, Emus, Geckos, Frilled Neck Lizards, Snakes, Turtles combined with unique fit designs that include the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags featuring on the shirt.

Other designs feature Dot designs which include a number of important colors. For example yellow (representing the sun), brown (the soil), red (desert sand) and white (the clouds and the sky). These are traditional Aboriginal colours.

On modern artwork, dots are generally applied with one of two instruments, (1) bamboo satay sticks and (2) ink bottles. The larger flat end of bamboo satay sticks are more commonly used for single application of dots to paintings, but the sharp pointier end is used to create fine dots. To create superimposed dotting, artists may take a bunch of satay sticks, dip the pointy ends into the paint and then transfer it onto the canvas in quick successions of dotting.

These are only a few examples of what can be achieved with Indigenous clothing designs.  These designs show the capabilities and possibilities of what you can create with Indigenous art and cultural themes.

We work together with indigenous organizations in creating their own unique design that fulfills their cultural and artistic requirements.

This sublimated printed clothing range includes polo shirts, singlets, kids polos, sportswear and workwear.