What makes a watch Underground Mine Safe?

Our Underground Mine Safe Watches are built in solid stainless steel cases with glass case backs. They use an automatic movement that has no battery or electrical power source or reserve. This lack of electrical current satisfies the Mine Safety requirements for dangerous goods in underground mines that may contain methane gas. So where with a quartz watch you need a Mines Approved Watch, with a non battery automatic watch it is by nature, mine safe.

We have a glass case back so they can be easily checked at the mine face for Mine Safe compliance. They are all built to 5ATM – 50 meter – 150 feet water resistance.

Mines Approved Watches

As we state in our section above, all our underground Mine Safe Watches run automatic movements without batteries. So they do not need Mines Approval to be used in underground coal/methane mines.

Our Underground Mine Safe watches have a glass back so visual inspections can be made to ensure our automatic movements comply with mine safety requirements.

We have manufactured Underground Mine Safe watches for most of the world major coal miners such as BHP Billiton, Xstrata, Peabody, Rio Tinto, Vale, DML and many more.

What about Aboveground Mining Watches?

In an above ground environment we can use quartz analogue or digital movements as they do not generally create a danger.

We make these watches from quality stainless steel cases and run the best movements from Seiko Instruments, Seiko Epson, Time Module and Citizen Watch company Japan. All are well waterproofed and those specifications are shown on each watch models pages.

What features can I customise on the Watches?

Almost any features you want. Bands, dials, hands, case colours and packaging. For small orders we offer you a range of standard dials to select from. The same applies to hands, bands and case colours.

In 100+ orders we can custom manufacture dials to your design and colour. Leather bands can be to your plain or embossed pattern, either plain or crocodile pattern. Your colours. Your buckle choice. Case backs can be laser engraved with your logo and even include serial numbers etc.

Packaging can also be printed or embossed from 100 pieces. From 300 to 500+ orders the case can also be custom manufactured to your design. That can be to your size, colour or shape.

How many colours can you print on the dial?

Normally we include up to 6 colours in our quotes but really there is no maximum. But let us look at your logo and give advise.

Can I get assistance with watch selection? We are very happy to assist with selection of the ranges that may best suit your needs and objectives. Give us information on the industry you are in, the aim of the promotion, the target demographics, quantities and a budget outline.

We are Miners and we have special needs. Can you assist?

We are a major supplier of specialist Miners watches for both above and below ground areas. We have 5 ranges of methane safe underground Miners watches that are Mine Safe. They have glass case backs to allow easy and quick Mine Safe verification at the mine site. And our above ground Miners watches are built to the toughest standards to survive the harsh Mining, Gas and Oil Industry environments.