Promotional Campaign Marketing Ideas

We have a range of products to you to peruse that are used by some of the biggest name brands in the world. These products have been selected and well researched to focus on specific markets and different age groups. We hope that some of these will help in your choice of promotional products for your next campaign.

The Carlsberg Promotion features bottle openers, pens, caps, letter openers, lanyards keyrings, and coasters – all decorated with logos and custom designed for the campaign. 

Coca Cola – one of the most successful companies in the world are constantly using innovative promotional products to sell their product in the marketplace. Some of the ideas used in their recent campaigns have been keylight lights, mobile phone holders, whistles on lanyards, coasters, bottle openers, lip balm, flash drives and bottle openers.

McDonalds – campaign choices are reflective keyrings, wristbands, caps, puzzles, tissue boxes, paper cups to name a few.

Browse through and we hope it sparks some ideas for you. 🙂