BIC Quality Pens

BIC’s manufacturing processes have been refined to make high quality products available to all consumers. This everyday performance is the result of high technology facilities and equipment, integrated production processes, well-trained employees and a rigorous quality control system.

To get the same quality for a 2 km writing line of a BIC® Cristal® pen from beginning to end; to produce 3,000 flames identical and safe from first to last with one BIC® Maxi lighter; to provide a close, comfortable shave for 10 days with one BIC Comfort 3® shaver … these are BIC’s commitments to its consumers.

Société Bic (commonly referred to just as Bic) is a company based in Clichy, France. It is best known for making ballpoint pens. It was founded in 1945 by Baron Marcel Bich and has become known for making disposable consumer products such as lighters, razors, and printed paper products. BIC® products are manufactured to tolerances measured in microns, and before any consumer even sees them, they undergo numerous tests and quality checks. BIC® pocket lighters, for instance, undergo more than 50 individual, automatic checks and each one meets or exceeds the requirements of the international safety norm, ISO 9994.

In 1970 Gillette purchased S. T. Dupont Paris whose principal product was luxury cigarette lighters. During this time Dupont explored the possibilities of marketing a disposable lighter, developing an inexpensive disposable lighter called Cricket, which it introduced in the United States in 1972. Later that year Bic was test marketing a disposable lighter that could provide 3,000 lights before wearing out; Bic introduced this lighter in 1973.

They, as well as the Bic Cristal ballpoint pen, are easily recognizable as a result of their importance in pop culture. As such, they are represented in the design collection of the Museum Of Modern Art in New York. The company competes in most markets against Faber-Castell, Global Gillette, Newell Rubbermaid, Pentel and Schwan-Stabilo. The Bic pen, more specifically the Bic Cristal, was the company’s first product.