Why choose BIC products?

For more than 50 years, BIC has honoured the tradition of providing high-quality and affordable products to consumers everywhere. BIC® products offer simple, inventive and reliable choices for everyone, everywhere in the world, every time. BIC continues to fulfil this mission by creating products that are functional, quality, affordable, inventive and available for everyone, everywhere.

BIC Select Range of Products

BIC® Select® is BIC Graphic’s exclusive, upscale BIC® branded metal writing instrument collection focused on innovation and style. The collection ranges from traditional, classic designs to trendier unique styles. All BIC® Select® writing instruments and ink comply with US, European and International product safety laws and standards to ensure world class quality. Ideal for corporate gifts or employee recognition, each writing instrument features high-end, upgraded finishes with laser engraving.

BIC Ecolutions

Launched in 2008, the BIC® Ecolutions® range demonstrates BIC’s commitment to sustainable development and is now offered throughout the world. The collection includes BIC Graphic manufactured products including writing instruments, paper products and packaging made of recycled materials or renewable resources. Specifically, BIC® Ecolutions® writing instruments are made of pre-consumer recycled plastic materials and our chipboard cover Notebook is made of 87% recycled fibre. Today, ‘straight to what’s essential’, is still the BIC promise across all product categories and the BIC® Ecolutions® products represent a responsible choice for promotional products.