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Tea Bag Cards | BTB001

Tea Bag Cards are truly a popular and enjoyed promotional gift that will impress your clients. Fresh & fragrant promotional tea bag cards are digitally printed on 230gsm card  and come with a perforated jiggler. Each printed tea card contains one single tea bag and these tea cards make a great low cost promotional giveaway. Choices of teas are listed below

  • size * 70mm x 50mm x 5mm
  • decoration * full colour digital printing
  • available in undecorated or decorated
  • minimum quantity * 500 units

Acai & Blueberry This organic mixed berry tea contains the highly regarded Berries, which are very high in anthocyanins (plant antioxidants associated with lowering cholesterol, improving blood circulation and relaxing the blood vessels). Combined with Blueberries which a known high source of Vitamin C, which helps to improve brain health and eyesight.

Apple * Certified organic apple tea, flavoured with delicious, Aussie apples. A fantastic, fruity tea for breakfast, lunch, or anytime really. Have your tea and fruit in one go and remember, “an apple a day keeps the doctors away”!

Black Tea * Proudly pure and natural, our premium Organic Black Tea is your daily cup of wellness. Refreshingly flavorsome, this go-anywhere single origin blend from Northern India is an everyday tea for everyday people that value great taste and quality.

Blueberry * Certified organic black tea, flavoured with real blueberries. We all know that blueberries are rich in antioxidants, and great for the eyes. A favourite with many of our customers.

Camomile * Camomile tea is relaxing, relieves pain, is good for digestion, will calm down children and help babies’ teething problems.  Helps with travel sickness. In other words, it should be on hand in everyone’s pantry.

Green Tea * Delicious and healthy organic green tea is know to be chock full of antioxidants. Herbal books will show that it’s good for diarrhea, dysentery and gastroenteritis. it can be used as a wash for sore eyes, minor injuries and insect bites. It also seems to help with slimming. Our green tea tastes clean and fresh.

Earl Grey Tea * Certified organic black tea flavored with oil extracted from the ring of the bergamot orange. Our Earl Grey has won over many aficionados of this delicately flavored tea.  If you’re an Earl Grey lover, give ours a try.

Echinacea * Echinacea tea is a convenient and healthy way to get your daily dose of this wonderful herb. Echinacea is renowned for stimulating the immune system and helps to get rid of colds and flu through its anti viral and antibacterial effects. Externally the tea can be used as a wash or poultice to help with infections and other skin problems.

English Breakfast * Our English Breakfast tea is a delicious melange of fine certified organic, black teas.

Eucalyptus * Organic Eucalyptus tea is made from certified organic black tea, blended with eucalyptus leaves.  This is just the team to drink when colds and flu threaten, or are already with you. We all know that eucalyptus has antiseptic properties. Uniquely Australian tea with the eucalyptus aroma.  What you perhaps didn’t know is that it can taste wonderful too.

Lemon Myrtle * Our unique Organic Lemon Myrtle Tea is made from the Australian native Lemon Myrtle(Backhousia citriodora) which is fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite native herbs, not only for its refreshing taste but also for its antiviral and antiseptic qualities.

Liquorice *  This herbal blend of liquorice, fennel seed, aniseed and mint not only tastes delicious, but helps your digestion too. liquorice is known to detoxify and protect the liver. It is also very energizing, so much so that it may be too much for pregnant ladies and for those with high blood pressure or kidney problems, who should avoid liquorice

Mango *  Don’t you love mangos and wish they were in season all year round? We sure do! With this blend, we were able to find delicious, fragrant and organic mango pieces to mix in with a superb organic black tea for a fruity, gourmet taste sensation.

Peppermint * Organic peppermint tea is 100% certified organic. Peppermint is known to be excellent for the digestion and often helps with morning sickness. It is good for headaches and, externally, helps with burns, itching skin and works as an insect repellent. It’s very refreshing in hot weather and a delicious tea hot or cold.

Spiced Chai * This delicious tea is made from certified organic tea and the spices ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Helps with digestion and combats low vitality. You could make it with milk like they do in India but it’s equally delicious brewed like a regular tea.

Turmeric * Turmeric is a wonderful herb and one of the most important spices we have. It’s not only a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, it’s a great cleanser, inside and out. For those who don’t have access to the fresh root, we made this unique organic tea and combined it with ginger (another fantastic root), lemongrass and mint. Should you have digestive problems, all these herbs will combine to help you.

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