Smartphone Charger

smartphone charger

Smartphone Charger | BCH117

Smartphone Charger is a 3 in 1 USB charger that will restore battery life to smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. The cable splits into three with ends to fit a 30 pin, 8 pin lightning or MicroSD connectors. This product allows devices to be synced and charged at the same time. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nokia, HTC and Samsung.

  • product size is 80mm x 55mm
  • minimum order for this product is 100 units
  • available with a 3-5 day express service
Fast Shipping | Satisfaction Guaranteed | 100% Premium Quality

What our clients are saying:

We just received the delivery of our corporate promotional items….they are perfect! We really like the look and feel of them. Thank you so much for your help and for making them happen so quickly. Thanks again.

Warm regards

Sibil Jhaveri

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