Pocket First Aid Kit

pocket first aid kit

Pocket First Aid Kit | B003-i

Pocket First Aid Kit is a promotional kit in a reusable plastic case that allows easy dispensing and easy refilling. Each printed care kit contains 3 vinyl band aid, 2 snip band aids and 1 sachet of first aid cream.

Colours * blue, red, pink, frost, purple, green ,orange, yellow, lime, sky blue & raspberry

  • size * 43 x  107 x 10mm
  • decoration * pad print
  • minimum order 250 units
Fast Shipping | Satisfaction Guaranteed | 100% Premium Quality

What our clients are saying:

Hi Judy, we have just received our 15 boxes. I can’t begin to tell you how excited we all are about what you have done for us. The shirts, pens, and caps look amazing. What a fantastic way to end the week. You are a legend. Thank you so much.

Sharon Hately

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