Industrial First Aid Kit

industrial first aid kit

Industrial First Aid Kit | BOG1506

Industrial First Aid Kit is a must have for any worksite or the office. This kit contains a comprehensive range of first aid items that would be useful for workplace accident incidents.  Decorate the outside of the box with a screen printed logo. Product size is 285mm x 195mm x 117mm. Made of strong ABS with wall bracket and a neoprene seal. This large kit contains a comprehensive range of first aid items ideal for worksite or office. 72 piece / 8-10 persons.

Contents: 25 x PVC Band Aids, 7.2 x 1.9cms, 10 x Non Woven Sponges, 5pcs/Pk, 1 x PVC Long Strip, Sterile Pack, 7 x 20cm, 3 x Hydrochorite of Sodium Towelette, 3 x Antiseptic Swabs, 3 x Wet Soap Tissues, 4 x Alcohol Prep Pad, 1 x Triangular Bandage/Non Bleach Cotton, 4 x Rayon Balls, 10pcs/Pk, sterile, 2 x Conforming Bandages 5cms x 450cms, 2 x Thick PBT Bandages 7.5cms x 450cms, 1 x Micropore paper tape, 2 x Lancet, 2 x Latex Gloves, 1 x Plastic Tweezers, 1 x Bandage Scissors, 6 x Safety Pins, 1 x First Aid Dressing, 1 x First Aid Notes, 1 x ABS Box.


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