Promotional Cooler Bags

Australians love the outdoors and in summer we all love to head off to the beach, a football or cricket match, enjoy a family picnic, or a day on the harbour. Any chance we can get we are out there enjoying the summer and relishing in all the wonderful outdoors activities that we can enjoy in this great country that we live in. What better way to advertise your company than with a promotional cooler bag. Promotional cooler bags are insulated bags that will keep your drinks and food nice and cold whilst you’re outdoors in the hot sun.

Cooler Bags with Logos

Our large range of insulated promotional cooler bags come in a range of shapes and sizes. There will sure to be something there that will suit your needs. We have lunch bag coolers that are suitable for schools as well as a range of tough and durable cooler boxes and Eskies that are perfect for any worksite. Overall we carry an excellent quality range of coolers for all occasions. All of our cooler bags and picnic bags can be custom decorated with your printed advertising message or logo.